Hybrid B2B Commerce & Loyalty Software

Make it easy for your customers to buy from you using a seamless and secure end to end purchasing experience.

How Kademi can help

Kademi's software has been built from the ground up to support the complexities that B2B companies face including selling product across multifaceted sales channels and incentivizing loyal customers.

Scale your business online

Enable your organization to grow and scale to meet market demand, customer needs and new emerging sales channels.

Reward loyalty

Give your customers a reason to re-order or purchase again using Kademi’s extensive incentive capabilities. 

Improve business efficiencies

Make it easier for your customer to buy from you by automating your ordering processes and reducing time and cost manually managing invoicing and orders.

Setup secure store-fronts

Create secure portals for your customers to log into, view and buy your product, access past orders and more.

Highly modular

Extend your customer portal to include other features including training, sales claims and a reward store.

Launch sales promotions

Easily fire-up and target different types of sales promotions that offer discounts on checkout.

Manage complex sales hierarchies 

Using Kademi’s you’ll be able to upload your sales hierarchies into your Kademi account so you can target pricing, promotions and more.

Target pricing 

Once your sales hierarchy has been uploaded into Kademi, you’ll be able target pricing to parts of your hierarchy.

Target sales promotions

Fire up a sales promotion that only applies to specific customers or regions within your hierarchy.

Limit sales rep access

Give your own reps limited access to reporting dashboards that only apply to their part of the sales hierarchy. 

Multiple ways to pay

Launching an online store with Kademi offers customers a range of ways for their customers to pay online.

Credit cards

Kademi supports integrations with leading payment providers around the world that you can switch on and use in minutes.

Invoice and pay later

Setup buy now and pay later workflows using Kademi invoices and quoting workflows. 

Pay with points

Reward customers with loyalty points which can be used to pay for or offset payments at checkout. 


Give customers the option to claim discounts using vouchers when they check-out.

Reward purchases

Switch on Kademi's loyalty and incentive features and reward customers when they buy from you.

Award loyalty points

Award a calculated number of loyalty points when a customer buys from you.  Calculations can be multifaceted and include the customer's tier, what products they purchased and more.

Fire off a voucher

When a customer purchases a certain number of products, automatically fire off a voucher they can redeem on their next purchase.

Award preferred partners

Offer discounting and other benefits to customers as they level-up to higher customer tiers.

Automate the commerce experience 

Use journey automation to create end to end ordering experiences that nurtures a customer to buy from you.

Order notifications

Create journeys that automatically send order notifications by email and SMS , keeping your customers up to date with their order.

Nurture customer to buy from you

Use journeys to identify new opportunities to sell-in, then send targeted communications upselling and cross selling products. 

Discover the complete set of features you can use to set up and manage your online store.

Online store

Setup secure online stores so your customers can buy from you.

Product management

Access tools to upload and manage your store products and inventory. 

Order management

Integrate with your existing platform or use Kademi to manage orders.

Sales promotions

Setup targeted sales promotions in minutes from your admin console.


Nurture customers to buy from you using smart journey automation.

Reward customers

Reward customers points, vouchers and more when they purchase from you.


Collect feedback from your customer after an online purchase.


Access tools to view online orders and manage your customer data.

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